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  • Links will be permanent.

  • Top-level category submissions require advertisement listings. (Valid for 1 year, after are downgrade to a regular permanent listing.)

  • Inner page submissions will be accepted, provided they are submitted to an appropriate category.

  • Each user should submit only one website link per email.

  • Submit titles and descriptions in English or the language of the country only. (e.g. A French website link may only be submitted in English and French.)

  • Free review is only available for non-commercial websites!

  • Descriptions and site titles that are submit in the country language and have select non-commercial option must provide accurate translation.

  • Don't submit links to affiliate programs or sites that contain only affiliate links. Also, do not submit Made-For-Adsense type sites.They will be rejected!

  • Please write good quality descriptions. Submissions with errors, bad grammar, etc. may be rejected. Also don't copy and paste a description that you have already used in other directories.

  • All payments will be processed via PayPal. If you require another form of payment, please let us know, and we may be able to work something out for you.

  • Do not submit sites that are not fully functional yet or are under construction.They will be rejected!

  • Do not submit links to pornography or sites with banners or large ads for pornography.They will be rejected!

  • We are trying to build a quality web directory with helpful resources for our users. Any user who attempts to spam the directory will be banned .

  • A link back is welcome and greatly appreciated, but not required.

  • Refund will be issued to all rejected sites.
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